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Public Domain Ragtimes

For the moment I am verry busy putting 25 public domain rediscovered ragtimes together in a video with live sheet music.

These are performed on a Bösendorfer Imperial Piano.

Please be patient... Soon on YouTube.

cover 25 ragtimes 

 A sellection:

  • Bunny Hug Rag (George L. Cobb) 
  • Rialto Ripples ( George Gershwin/Will Donaldson) 
  • Grace And Beauty (James Scott) 
  • Chromatic Rag (Will Held) 
  • Don’t Jazz Me Rag (James Scott) 
  • Calico Rag (Nat. Johnson) 
  • Broadway Rag (James Scott) 
  • An Operatic Nightmare (Felix Arndt)
  • Aggravation Rag (George L. Cobb) 
  • Efficiency Rag (James Scott) 
  • That Hindu Rag (George L. Cobb) 
  • Turkey In The Straw (Otto Bonnell) 
  • Armadillo (Clarence F. Brown)
  • Cataract Rag (Robert Hampton)
  • Bees Wax (Harry J. Lincoln)
  • Nola (Felix Arndt)
  • etc ...







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