New Ragtimes

  • Donald Trump and his Twitter

  • The Entertainer Scott Joplin - new arrangement

    • A Facebook Ragtime Page - a fantasy ragtime

    • The Google Search Engine Rag -a not too difficult ragtime

    • That's-a-Plenty -rag or two step

    • Norwegian Variations - after themes from Edvard Grieg


On this website you can download the free sheet music


Why ragtimes? It is fun for the pianist and for the lovers: pleasant to listen. Also, for the student it is an excellent practice material for playing syncopic piano. There are easy and also difficult ragtimes among them.

The peak of succes for the ragtime was between 1895 and 1918 (which is 23 years long) and was originally created by the black population of Saint Louis in the US.
Thanks to the movie "The Sting" (1973) with Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the lead roles, this music genre was taken back from under the dust, mainly with compositions of Scott Joplin, who was in his time "The King of the Ragtimes", 56 years after his death. Do not forget that the great Johan Sebastian Bach had been rediscovered, 80 years after his death, by Felix Mendelssohn and today the greatest composer in his genre.

Of course there was not only Scott Joplin during the ragtime bloom period. There were hundred of composers of this genre dedicated to this dance music. The ragtime period was also the starting point for jazz music. Today, ragtimes are interpreted and put on paper, including  by me.





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